Global Spending on Financial Market Data Rises by 12.4% in 2023

London and New York, April 26, 2024 – In a testament to the sustained growth within the financial market data and news sector, a new analysis reveals that global spending surged by 12.4% last year, reaching an unprecedented $42 billion. This growth marks a continuation of a decade-long trend fueled significantly by advancements in technology, particularly in real-time trading and data sectors. According to the latest report from Burton Taylor International Consulting, a division of Parameta Solutions, this increase is predominantly driven by the escalated demand for Pricing, Reference, and Valuation data.

The revenue distribution across geographical regions saw a notable shift, with more than half of the earnings originating from the Americas, which now accounts for 52% of the total, up from 48% five years ago. Meanwhile, earnings in EMEA held steady at 31%, and Asia made a slight increase to just under 19%.

Among the key players, Bloomberg remains at the forefront, securing the largest share of the global market data business. Not far behind are LSEG Data & Analytics and S&P Global Market Intelligence, each holding significant market shares. Notably, Moody’s Analytics exhibited the most rapid revenue growth in 2023, closely followed by FactSet and S&P Global Market Intelligence.

Senior Analyst at Burton-Taylor, Hadley Weinberger, highlights the role of emerging technologies in this growth spurt. “The integration of AI and advanced analytics has significantly elevated the strategic value of market data,” Weinberger notes. “These tools are not only enhancing trading and risk management but are also revolutionizing other operational sectors by enabling deeper insights and intelligence extraction.”

The comprehensive 103-page report, titled Financial Market Data/Analysis: Global Share & Segment Sizing 2023, is currently available for download through Burton Taylor’s research portal. This document provides a detailed breakdown of market shares and segments, offering invaluable insights for market participants.

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